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I’m Marti

The Owner/Graphic Designer Behind This Studio. I Have Always Been A Creative. Whether Its Been Music, Writing, Cooking, Crafts Or Graphic Design, I Love To Create. I Especially Love Using My Talents To Help People. Anything I Can Do To Help Better Someone’s Life Is Worth Doing. Click Here To Learn More About Me And My Business.

creativity is the way i share my soul with the world

Are you a business or a creative trying to promote yourself and get noticed? Then this is for you! I offer a wide range of branding and web design packages that will create a cohesive look across all areas of your business. Click here to learn more

Are you a busy individual dealing with the day to day running of your business? Do you barely have time to breath much less take care of your back office? I offer a range of services to help the online aspect of your business running smoothly. Click here to learn more.

Are you newly engaged or thinking about it? Or are you in the process of planning a wedding? Would you like to have a custom brand for your big day? Branding ensures that everything will be coordinated from printed products to your custom website. Click here to learn more.

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Tim Smith, CEO CT Photography Group

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Kara Beth Tuner, Owner/Photographer Kara Beth Photography

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Veronica Battaglia, Owner/Chef Battaglia Deli/Cafe & Bakery

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